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Chinese President Xi Jinping in India: 10 things to note

It is only the third time that a Chinese president has visited India. Xi Jinping, the new Chinese President, has promised to redefine the relationship. He said that China would invest in India’s infrastructure and manufacturing sectors and agreed to open the Chinese market for Indian goods and services. This could be good news for India’s economy overall.

Here are 10 things to note:

1. Trade relations: The Chinese president promised a market access to Indian goods and services in China. This is important from the trade relations standpoint. India’s trade deficit (excess of imports over exports) stood at $ 40bn in 2013-14 from close to $ 1bn in 2001-02. This really means India imports goods and services worth $ 40bn in excess over what it exports to China. This results in India spending more foreign exchange than earning. This causes distress to the overall current account deficit of India and puts pressure on the Indian currency.
2. Chinese investment: China will invest $20bn in India over the next 5 years. China has so far invested $400m in 14 years in India, according to one report. This is a significant jump. India needs to build infrastructure and requires significant amount of money. The Chinese have and continue to invest in their country’s infrastructure. This has helped China lift millions out of poverty and clock a fast growth rate over the past 30 years.
3. Two industrial parks: The Chinese President said that China will invest $ 6.8bn in two industrial parks to boost manufacturing in the country. One in Gujarat and one in Maharashtra. The two industrial parks would have all the possible infrastructure needed. The idea is to manufacture goods and export out of India. This is expected to give a significant boost to India’s manufacturing sector.
4. Exports: China is expected to open up its markets for Indian pharma companies. This should allow pharmaceutical companies to export drugs to China. The Chinese president also highlighted the prowess of India’s IT services companies and how it should join forces with China’s factories. That should be good news for Indian IT services exports.
5. Railways: China has signed memorandum of understanding to help India enhance speed of trains, redevelop railway stations and work on a feasibility study to build high-speed railway links. Prime minister Narendra Modi has announced intentions to build a faster train network to link major metro cities in India.
6. Stock market rally: Shares across the board jumped in India on Thursday. However, a sharp surge was witnessed in the capital goods, consumer durables and real estate. Sectoral indices representing these companies jumped more than 4% while frontline indices like Sensex and Nifty rose 2%. These sectors are the biggest beneficiaries of the deals signed by India and China. Investors expect most companies in these sectors to profit.
7. Tourism: Both China and India would host ‘Visit India’ and ‘Visit China’ years in 2015 and 2016 respectively. India receives 40 lakh foreign tourists in a year. A small country like Singapore gets 20m in a year. China gets nearly 10 times more tourists than India. Wealthy Chinese power tourism industry in major nations. India could benefit if some of those visit the country.
8. Mumbai and Shanghai: India and China reached an agreement to make Mumbai and Shanghai ‘sister’ cities. This agreement could see cultural and administrative exchanges of people taking place. This could help the local administration in these cities to learn from each other. The Indian government often said that Mumbai should be an international finance centre and follow Shanghai’s example. Similar memorandum of understanding was signed between cities of Guangzhou, China and Ahmedabad, India for closer cooperation between the local authorities of the two cities.
9. Jobs in India: The Chinese plan to invest in India could give a significant lift to the job market in India. The creation of industrial parks would need people to manage them. According to one report, the industrial park in Maharashtra is expected to be near Pune and focus on the auto components sector. This could mean more jobs in the sector and related srevices.
10. What could bother business: Businesses would now hope that while India and China resolve to enhance economic and business partnership, the politics takes care of itself. Both leaders have resolved to build mutual trust and tackle the complex border issues. The two leaders are in a position of strength to deal with complex problems on the border, according to experts. Narendra Modi received a strong mandate in recent general elections in India. The Chinese President is the general secretary of the Communist Party and heads the Central Military Commission making him a powerful President

Rangoli & Cartooning 26-7-2014

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Rakhi Making & Friendship Bent Making 2-8-2014

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Photography 12-7-2014

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Drawing 12-7-2014

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Poster Making

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Creative Art

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Clay Modeling

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9 Things Money Cannot Buy

Money only goes so far.

Money can’t buy love, if you ask The Beatles.

Or class, if you ask “Real Housewives” cast member Countess Luann.

And it can’t buy happiness. (Although, according to psychology research, how you choose to spend it can do a certain amount in that area.)

Those can’t be the only things without a price tag, can they?

Admittedly, you could argue that money simply can’t buyanything that isn’t for sale or that money can facilitate the acquisition of nearly anything, for sale or not.

But when a Quora user asked the community “What’s the thing that money cannot buy?” users came up with a few more priceless desirables. Here are our favorites:


1. A healthy sense of self-worth

One Quora user describes how, after watching a TV show where the lead character bought a house, which was quickly followed by a marriage proposal, she also got a mortgage. “I thought I could buy the marriage proposal, too,” she writes. “Instead of doing the internal work required, I thought my self-worth would come from the house. It bankrupted me.” —Claudia Altucher


2. More time

In that it can help you outsource your tasks to spend your time how you prefer, money can buy you time. “However, none of us knows how long we have on this earth, so in that sense it cannot buy you more time to live.” —Krystle Hannigan


3. Skill

“You can take classes in any art from the best teachers and coaches available, but only effort, sweat, and willpower can buy skill. Money can give you the freedom and time to practice things, and get you better gear and instruction, and buy you the tools that help facilitate skill but skill is only between you and the art. Money may or may not open the door, but only your effort and will can walk you through that door.” —Josh Vogel


4. Real respect

“People might act as if they respect you, but what they respect is the power of money and not you as a person. Respect is earned through your actions.” —Krystle Hannigan


5. Work-life balance

“You can earn millions or zillions of dollars, but that money cannot buy you work-life balance. You yourself have to manage it.” —Arti Agarwal


6. A good reputation

Sure, you can buy a PR person to make you look good, but ultimately, your reputation will come down to you, “earned through how you deal with others.” —Krystle Hannigan


7. Innocence

“The best things in life have no relation with money. The sad part, once you lose them, you can’t get them back, no matter how much money you have.” —Alok Pandey


8. Health

“… for a body ill cared for. All the money in the world won’t fix that.” —Anne W Zahra


9. Enough

One user tells a story about Joseph Heller, the author of famous novel “Catch-22.” At a party full of wealthy young men, it was pointed out to him that one of the attendees probably earned more annually than the money Heller’s books made him over a lifetime. ” Joseph He ller looked at the 25 year old guy then said, ‘But I have one thing that that man will never have.’  His friend gave a sort of scoff and said, ‘What could that possibly be?’  And Joseph Heller said, ‘Enough.'”  —James Altucher