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Video Conferencing with Indain Former Cricketer Krishnamachari Srikkanth by the students & I.T. Depatrment of CZMG BCA College Jamnagar through the Sandhan Roobroo.

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JVIMS-MBA organized Budget Analysis session of Budget-2013 for MBA Sem-IV. A team of students took up the analysis work and presented the Budget with analysis to the class and expert panel.
Expert Panel for Budget-2013 included CA. Ankur Doshi & CA Bhavik Dholakia. The two-hour session was on 6th March, 2013 at college campus. Different sectors that were analyzed included: Consumer Durables & FMCG, Banking & Finance, Cement & Construction, Direct & Indirect Taxes, etc. The analysis of students was appreciated by the experts, faculties and students. The experts addressed Sem-IV with their detailed analysis of the Budget Proposal on Direct & Indirect Taxes. The expert insight into the subject was very fruitful for students and it gave them a different viewpoint point of analysing the said subject.

— Ashish V. Nathwani

JVIMS-MBA (Coordinator for Budget Analysis Session)


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Congratulations to the Honourable Vice Chancellor of Saurashtra University, Dr. Mahendra Padalia

Congratulations to the Honourable Vice Chancellor of Saurashtra University, Dr. Mahendra Padalia, for LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD given by Indian Institute of Oriental Heritage, Kolkata an open University of Oriental Studies (Estd. in 1975)  in recognition of Academic & Innovative Development and All Round Progress in Saurashtra University on the occasion of International Conference, at Kolkatta on 2nd March, 2013.
Oshwal Education Trust is Proud of having an able leader like Dr. Mahendra Padalia.
Congratulations from:
Shri R.K.Shah, Managing Trustee, OET
Shri Mohanbhai Gosrani, Chairman, College Management Committee, OET
Shri Bhartesh Shah, Trustee, OET
Shri Bipinbhai Jhaveri, Management Committee Member, OET Managed Colleges
Shri Sonilbhai Shah, Management Committee Member, OET Managed Colleges
Mrs. Snehal Kotak Palan, Principal, Shri GHG Commerce College and Shri DDN BBA College


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Mr. Venkatesh Sharma (Branch Head, Axis Bank Jamnagar) addresses MBA SEM-4

A very senior banker of Jamnagar visited the campus of JVIMS-MBA to address the MBA Sem-IV students for a career in banking sector. Mr. Venkatesh Sharma has 22 years of banking experience. He is very spiritual in his approach and a man with high energy at such a senior level. His guide to the students was very fruitful in terms of taking up a career at banking sector and he also encouraged students not to worry about tough competiton in job market. He also interacted with students and solved their queries regarding a good banking careeer.

We look forward for such lectures from corporates at our campus.

— Ashish V. Nathwani, JVIMS-MBA.

P. S.: JVIMS-MBA will have a Budget Analysis Session on 6th March, 2013 which will have academic & industrial panel members.